A Commitment to Sustainability

Harbor Group Management is continually adding new initiatives to preserve resources, reduce waste, and protect our planet. Our activities are far-reaching and cross every channel of business. Here are just a few examples of how we continue to meet the call of our corporate responsibility:

General Sustainability

  • Electronic processing & handling implemented whenever possible
  • Expansion of social media activity, decreasing use of paper & trash reduction
  • Development of outdoor areas for tenant & resident use
  • Encouraging bicycle use by providing bicycle storage facilities
  • Use of green materials – low-flow water devices, low-mercury lamps & Energy Star™ appliances
  • Contracting janitorial services that use certified green cleaners, supplies & equipment
  • Procurement of green soaps, papers & recycled supplies in all commercial properties
  • Use of recyclable packaging

Energy Efficiency

  • Proactive repair & maintenance
  • Auditing operations & run times for more efficient energy use
  • Engaging tenants & residents with programs promoting energy efficiency
  • Use of model-minders & occupancy sensors in periodically used spaces
  • Conversion to CFL/LED bulbs wherever possible
  • Installation of programmable thermostats, faucet aerators & low-flow shower heads in multifamily properties
  • Installation of aerators, auto flush valves & faucets with reduced flows
  • Use of irrigation control systems
  • Unit upgrades

Waste Management

  • Single-source recycling & sorting to increase quantities of recycled materials
  • Sponsorship of e-cycling events for collection of old electronics, computer equipment & cellphones
  • Lamp/light bulb recycling programs to eliminate hazardous wastes
  • Donation of partially used paint to charitable causes
  • Recycling of oil, equipment fluids, carpet from office buildings & apartments & construction debris from tenant improvements

Water Utilization

  • Installation of faucet aerators, low-flow shower heads, auto flush valves/faucets & toilet flappers/leak detectors
  • Use of Irrigation control systems (timers, moisture/weather sensor systems) & high efficiency sprinkler heads
  • Active leak monitoring & repairs
  • Engaging residents by promoting conservation
  • Use of native & drought-resistant plants in landscaping

Working to Protect Our Planet